Tower Takeover Potential Designs


You could also look at FTC Relic Recovery for inspiration, too. Robots would use side intake systems to intake cubes and would stack 3 at a time to build “ciphers”. I predict that some teams will look to that game for inspiration…



Recycle Rush (2015) involved stacking totes on each other. I’ve been looking at a lot of designs form that year

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i am thinking a chain lift with a re-made better version of like a clawbot arm (stronger, better made, bigger ext.)



I believe a bot with an ITZ mogo stacker tower and through intake would do well. By having the tower on the mogo lift it allows the lift to remain light and fast.

By through intake I mean an intake which sucks the cube in with compliant rollers as seen in toss up. It could be rubber band tensioned. It then can raise up to the inner tower height and put the cube in the stacker or score into a scoring tower.

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A Mogo lift would help the robot stack in the goals as there are “bumps” surrounding the goals. Although if it is too fast or not that steady, the high stacks could fall over, and potentially out of the field.



For MoGo lifts, I think teams might have to stabilize the top of the stack, and then release the top stabilizer after the stack has been released. It doesn’t seem like the cubes will stack as well as FRC totes. (Let alone ITZ cones), so that will make stack stabilizing more difficult.



Yeah, I think that their ability to stack on top of each other is comparable to the VEX IQ Highrise cubes. There is nothing on them that would allow them to stay stacked if the stack is tilted. I think that if a stack were to fall down, then the match might be lost for that alliance. It really comes down if u want to stack a lot os cubes at once or stack a smaller amount but have the same capacity for stacked cubes.


What are some of your tower takeover ideas and predictions

Will a 6:1 geared motor work good for the drive train



In my experience it won’t. It just simply doesn’t have enough torque to move a robot for extended periods of time



No, if you are using a torque cartridge (100 rpm) you would have the wheel spinning at 600 rpm, which, even on 2.75" wheels would be extremely fast, more than enough to tip a tall stacking bot, or the stacks themselves.
Not to mention you will be easily pushed by other robots playing defense.

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Probably not. Maybe 36:1



That’s what I thought. I was just wanting proof to show my Partner that a 6 to 1 geared motor wouldn’t be strong enough, and not have enough torque to even push a bot.



If you had 2 V5 motors with 1:6 gearing, the total torque output would be 1.4 n/m@600 rpm (7.4 in/lb). You also have to take into account that the wheels you use alter the mechanical advantage of the systems. If you are using 4“ diameter wheels, the torque drops to 3.7 in/lb because the wheel effectively acts as a 2“ moment arm. So, unless your robot weighs <3.7 lb, I do not recommend it. It will just constantly burn out and get you no-where.



I’d say drives >200rpm are definitely viable, but especially since this game seems to put a heavy focus on precision it might not be the best option. It depends how stable your cube magazine is.

Also, I can’t wait to see aLL thE frEaKing pUshbOts!!!1! A bot with a 6m drive and a lifting mechanism to place/remove cubes in towers would probably dominate any stacker bot early season.



100% H-drive. why not? fast, accurate, makes your robot agile, helpful in autonomous and easy to program. No bumps to overcome that might interfere. I would have done one in Turning Point if not for the platforms. (it shouldn’t interfere with the goal zones; it would only need to go in them a little bit at most, possibly not at all.)



Also, you could probably have a passive 1 - shot catapult to launch a preload into a tower. I wonder if they would bounce though. it would be hard to do but if you could get it to work then it could be a very effective strategy.

just a thought let me know what you think

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I feel like the recoil could throw off an autonomous



having a catapult would also mean having to deal with a curved trajectory that could also be inconsistent



watergame? :slight_smile:

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Would a mechanum drive be better than an H-Drive? Also is speed more important than strafing?