Tower takeover Protected zones

Rule SG3 states that you cannot contact an opposing robot in their protected zone. If you are in your protected zone and the opposing alliance crosses over, would moving to contact them violate rule G14 which says you can’t force a robot into a penalty?

I would assume it does violate G14, but at the same time you decided to go into their protected zone. Ask the Q n A

Assuming that it’s not “match affecting,” I would think that since it’s not an automatic DQ, it would just be a warning to both alliances over SG3 and G14.
It would be different if it were “match affecting.”

I am not very sure, so ask the Q&A. If you, for any reason, do NOT have access to it (not a mentor, forgot login, etc.), I’ll find a Q&A thread and link it soon.

Speaking of protected zones, what does everybody think about only half of the goals being protected? As to the original question, no one can give you an official answer, it’s definitely a question for the Q&A. I posted a similar question a while back:
Blocking opponents from scoring

Really, 1/3 of the scoring “zones” are protected, since two stacks can fit in the protected zone. If I push a robot while its trying to score and they knock over their stack, that’s indirectly causing an opponents stack to become descored, and is illegal. Maybe the strategy will be to put two cubes down to start, so while you are scoring, your opposing alliance won’t play defense on you because of the risk.

This is unofficial, of course, but in my opinion,I would think the following would apply. (An official ruling would be better, but I think what I am about to describe is common snse and fitting with rule interpretations in the past).
Red robot in i their outer protected zone. Blue robot moves into red’s outer protected zone. Red moves and makes contact with the blue robot (essentially forcing a violation). If blue stays in contact and does NOT withdraw, then the violation is on blue, Red has given blue the opportunity to avoid the violation and if blue does not retreat, then they are in violation. I don’t think that red would necessarily be called out on the “cannot force an opponent into a violation” as blue has an easy way out.


I would bet that most refs would rule that you were forcing them into a penalty and the opponent wouldn’t face any penalty