Tower takeover pusher problem

Hey guys, first forum post on this acc but my team and I are kind of in trouble right now. Couldn’t find a better category to post this under either so sorry about that too.

We are currently experiencing a gear slippage issue on our tray pusher system the gear system is compounded but the core of the issue is that the smaller gears and the larger gears aren’t pressed together tight enough causing them to slip. Does anyone know how to work around this issue?image


Zip tie the drive shafts. Use the big ones too


The first thing i would ask is if you guys have bearings on them, assuming that you do it might be worth looking into custom drilling holes for bearing which are closer to the gears, thus keeping them together more. Also, have you check that the gears are correctly placed? and now a hole down or something which would cause them to be apart. Lastly, this might be due to the bearing being rounded out by use over time. Since they are plastic, our team has had to replace bearings to keep things flush. Would definitely check to see if the bearings are good, and they’re not rounded out.


what sort of bearings are you referring to?


Press the two sides of the tilter closer together to give the axle less room to bend. Doubling up gears also helps

Ah yes we are using these

Additionally, put a 12T on either side of the 60/84T you have. This additional gear will force the green gear back towards the metal gear. If you chain the two 12T, it would eliminate the translational forces from the 12T on the driven gear, decreasing the stress on the driven gear’s bearings/shaft.

However your 1 minute solution is just zip tying the shafts together.

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Ok, if you are using a low strength (1/8”) axle on the 84t gear try using a screw instead(you need to drill out the gear inserts a little bit though for it to rotate nicely)

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Adding on to this, you can also use hs axles which almost eliminate bending entirely.

Do not do this. This will cause extra friction on the shafts, lowering the efficiency of your tilter. Please just improve your build quality by rebuilding certain parts, it will help you in the long run.

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we did it and it works fine. Put it in spacers so it doesnt have that much friction.

Please trust me on this. It will help you in the long run to build the subsystem right the first time - your solution may work in the short term, but can be really bad for your build and won’t last long.

I did this my freshman year of high school. There’s a reason I’ve never done it since.

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High strength axles are the way to go. I learned my lesson in Turning point when I had multiple low strength axles bend on me, causing slippage and shearing. While high strength axles have a bit more linear displacement allowance and are painful to work with, they’re never going to bend on you and you can be confident that you’ll have good contact.

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