Tower Takeover Puzzle Cube

Here’s a puzzle cube we built with some of our extra cubes now that the season is over. We plan on making a few to donate to the elementary school.
VEX Puzzle Cube

Does anyone else have some neat ideas on how to use the leftover cubes?


Take these ideas with a grain of salt. If you’re going for toys, you could use spray paint to turn the cubes into dice. If you want it to be useful, you could make a table out of it and donate to the lower grades of an elementary school. You should probably keep some though, as a memento of this season and your hard work. Have fun and send some pictures if you guys do make anything else.

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Well, obviously you’ve created 3-d Tetris. So, create the 2-d version also. bonus for using lexan to contain the game.

Oh, and then there is connect-4.


I teach PLTW Design and Modeling to our 7th graders. I’ve used a bunch of these cubes to make jumbo sketch models for the introductory lesson in 3D sketching. They don’t know it yet, but I’m also going to give one to each member of my competition teams to keep as a memento of the year.


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