Tower Takeover Robot Intake

So my robots intake is a tank tread and flap combo to pick up cubes, but when we suck one up and lift the arm, the cube falls out a lot. We think it might be a compression problem but arent sure. Anyone willing to share intake ideas?

Maybe put the arms on hold or make them as close to the cube they can. If that doesn’t work, then just go slow on the arm. If you want even though I am not doing this. Put a plate underneath it so when you Pick up, the plate will catch the cube if it tries to fall out. It might interfere with the tray though. Good Luck!

If u add a plate u can’t really descore from towers is the downside

True. I guess you can’t.

Going slow is the best way to do it. It is more controlled that way.

I would suggest you create a branded joint meaning that the compression would be the amount necessary and not cause any arm to bend. I would recommend you look at how 448X have their rollers attached to their arm, as it prevents the cubes from pushing the arm apart, I don’t know if this is an applicable idea in your scenario, just a thought

Yeah it sounds like it might be a compression problem. Have you tried banding your intake? or maybe bracing the arms of your lift if that’s the spot thats not holding correctly?

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Correct me If i’m wrong but I believe vex has intake gears


My teams is using the china rollers, which have been working great.

The rollers I’m referring to are in this video:

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