Tower Takeover Rule on Speakers?

So My team alongside our LEDS wants a speaker on our bot, We would like to know the policy on using Speakers on a robot that would play non-annoying music. 3rd party speaker that wouldn’t connect to the cortex.

VEX speaker or 3rd party?

3rd party not connected to cortex.

The problem it I think it would somehow have to be powered by the brain. LED’s have to be connected to the brain and cannot have an external power source so I assume the same applies.

The rule for LEDS changed this year, If you check the officall Q and A under tower takeover. You can power LEDS externally.

Can you provide official ruling on this?

Oh huh good to know. I’d get someone to ask in the official Q&A then.

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Time to stick a JBL boombox on my robot and blast some really loud eurobeat :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d ask about zip tying one of those 2" cube MP3 players with speakers to your bot. I’d pass it as a nonfunctional decoration with power, treat it like the LED lights.

The only problem you might face is with a referee if the sound is too loud and hinders them trying to talk over it.

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Thank you, this is very helpful!

Well, the other problem would be generally annoying everyone with your bot by having a sound system duct taped to it. :confused:

If all 4 bots have fancy LED lighting its a gratuitous but fun display. If 4 bots are playing their own favorite sound, not so fun.

(My 2 cents)


LEDs with external power is cool, like @Masterchief24 said. Speakers are cool too as long as they aren’t powered by the brain and the music is in good taste and not disrupting the match (can’t hear refs). It’s b.

our use of speaker back in the cortex day is mainly for warning us if the power expander is not plugged in, since you can’t touch the robot once it moves(although the power expander doesnt have power). It would constantly beep if it detects no voltage from power expander and saved us few matches


IMO, this makes it a functional decoration and I wouldn’t expect it to pass inspection without an official Q&A allowing it…


You won’t need it for V5. Plus it happens before match starts, similar to some teams use dust off to cool the motors or using multi meter to check battery voltage

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I believe they were talking about the discontinued yet legal VEX speaker for the VEX Cortex.

But through previous rulings in the past I highly doubt that 3rd party speakers will be legal in normal VRC because they are considered functional. Considering the past rulings, the only way they were allowed is only in VEXU in which the speaker must be modified in a manner to be a 3rd party sensor (aka it has to show something in regards to V5 brain communicating with the speaker to play a sound, and not just the speaker playing something random). Bluetooth must be disabled as well. In normal VRC a 3rd party speaker would be illegal because it will either be considered a 3rd party sensor or a functioning device. The only reason LED’s are allowed is because they are seen as the perspective of visual and asthetic alterations like spray paint and andonizing.
Hopefully that makes sense.


My only comment is that it should have at “its time to duel” sound bite from Yu Gi Oh at the start of autonomous… #memepotential