Tower takeover rules clarification


Is it legal to make contact with an opposing team’s robot in order to knock over a stack of cubes contained on their robot?



Wrong Q&A, this is for Awards Judging not for the game itself.



Further edit: I read the question as make contact with their robot to push them into their scored cubes and knock them over. For the answer to the question actually asked, skip to the bottom.

No. Per the definition of scored and the wording of the rule. One of the conditions for a cube being scored is not touching a robot of the same color as the goal it’s in. It is against the rules to cause a cube in an opponent’s goal to no longer be scored. Thus with rules-as-written, pushing an opponent into their cubes would be breaking the rule even if no cubes fell over.

e: there does appear to be some ambiguity as to doing this to the unprotected goal, as <SG3f> that I was referencing appears to only apply to cubes in the protected goal. <SG3b> only refers to contact, and transitive contact laid out by <SG7> only applies to cubes.

Further edit: ah, you said “on their robot” which makes it perfectly legal. There is no protection for cubes that are not scored in some way.