Tower Takeover Strategies

This season the point values of cube will be going up and down through the match which will require good strategy. What are some good strategies for this season and how can the drive team train/get good at it.

Or do you think strategy isn’t as important and it will be up to decisions made on the spot and planning it all out wouldn’t make much sense.

Go for stacking the cubes first, then in the last maybe thirty seconds gain control of the towers based off both your and your opponents’ cubes.


I think we will see going for the color cube you start with for the first 1:30, then getting as many of that color in towers as you can.

a good strategy might be to watch all teams autons, and make your auton go for the same color as they do, making them do work for you when they put that color in a tower.

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With this late in the season, The first strategy I find most often has been used. Cubes usually get stacked first before the towers are paid any attention to.

But, if you are a stacker bot, another auto strategy that is used is to stack in the non-protected goal. Then you won’t have to worry about being defended while stacking

I dont really see much defense in the unprotected zone. Also going for towers is extremely useful

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What godly reagion are you from where that isn’t defended lul


I hail from Houston and out of my 5 tourneys only one team has ever defended me in the unprotected zone.

Now of course you cant take forever, or ppl will eventually home on to you, but you can still take your time.

Dude, how are you in Houston and not have defense? I’m in San Antonio and I see Defense all the time. I guess maybe Houston is a stronger region, so there’s more scoring bots and less push bots.

Lol, we had a push bot. But it was to push cubes, not bots lol.

Ohio is defense. If you have a dr4b. you gonna get bullied. Last comp all people did was defend and play dirty

Oh no, is Kalahari gonna be like that?

I would imagine. I had a dr4b and all we got we defended and it sucked. We even got our battery unplug . But at kalahari, most teams are going to play offense since they are going to be amazing robots there

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I am from Arizona, and we really don’t have boys defending the nonprocted zone, unless we are one of there bots broke

Most robots in Houston are janky traybots that struggle to score so they try to score instead of defending.

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As a driver, the best way to practice is to run skills when possible, and do 1v1’s or 2v2’s against other teams if possible. Most of driving this year is split second decisions during a match, and scrimmages help with decision process, while skills increases efficiency. Hope this helps