Tower Takeover Unofficial Q&A

I just wanted to make a thread that can be easily accessible by VEX so they can answer all our questions without having to search for them.


I’ll start with the question, we had this same situation with Turning Point but, why are the higher towers/posts worth the same as the lower towers/posts? Shouldn’t the high, central tower be worth +2? If not, what was the reasoning behind putting it at the same point value? If the point value is the same, what is the purpose of there being a taller, central tower?

You have to remember the taller towers are also neutral towers, and can be used by both alliances. The point of them being taller is to make them harder to reach than your alliance towers, therefore giving more of a bonus to teams that can utilize them properly.


How many cubes can you hold at once?


From what I have seen in the manual there seems to be no possession limit.


Are we allowed to stack multiple cubes on a tower?

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No. Besides, only one cube can actually fit in the area of the tower that scores.

(Also if multiple were in the scoring area in a single tower, both would not count)

Can I start an autonomous on this side of the field?

If my calculations are correct, the maximum skills score is 472, while the maximum match score is 180. Can someone double check this for me?

How would it be 472? 236 for each?

No, the maximum match score is this:

66 cubes, 22 of each color, 7 towers

color 1: 20 scored, 2 in towers
color 2: 20 scored, 2 in towers
color 3: 19 scored, 3 in towers

Total: 6 + 3 x 20 + 3 x 20 + 4 x 19 = 202.


only the red and blue alliance sides. So just in front of where you stand. The bot must touch the field perimeter.

In Skills, all cubes are treated as one color

I said “match score” for a reason. I was correcting the 180, not the 472.

Still, I’m not sure how you got 472. Well, really I think I am ( (66-7)x8 ), I just don’t agree. In the match there are 66 cubes. But some of those are placed separately. Skills starts with the same setup, so there are not 66 cubes available.

What are the exact restrictions on where you can place your bot? Would you be able to start it right on the edge of the zone so that your robot is aligned the same way every match?

Per <RSC3>, the 2 purple bonus cubes as well as 3 preloads are not available in driver skills. I think we need official clarification on autonomous skills.

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756 is highest skills score because all cubes are counted as same colors during skills.

So 66total cubes minus 2purple orange green cubes plus 1 preload = 61 toal cubes.

61-7(on the towers) = 54 available cubes

54×7=378points. ×2 for program and driver is 756 possible points.

it should actually be x8, since its 1 + towers, which comes out to 864 max total.


how Many v5 motors are we able to use?

Id actually like to contradict him by saying (and this is only something I’m kinda sure about) but you can place a different color cube onto a cube that is already in a tower and that tower is now scored for that color.

example: purple cube is in the tower but someone comes along and drops a orange cube in, tower is now counting for orange and no longer for purple, unless the orange cube is knocked off.