Tower Takeover Vision Sensor Poll

How many of you people are using vision sensor in auton/driver?

  • Yes, I use the vision sensor
  • No, I don’t use the sensor
  • Not currently using it but want to

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In auton, it completely fixed our straightness with driving forward. It also helps with accurate turning.


If your robot is having trouble driving straight, using an inertial sensor would be a much more accurate and easy to program solution.

it makes programming auton so much easier

I found it almost useless. The inertial sensor is much better for driving straight and exact turns. The vision sensor can be distracted by other colors, which could mess up the entire auton.


Sorry, we use the inertial sensor. In turning point, we used the vision sensor to find the flag colors. We didn’t do anything fancy like a trajectory calculator and it ended up being pretty useless except for lining up which we didn’t use.

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We use the vision sensor for our autonomous functions to keep track of what the most current color we have in our intake. For example, if our cube is orange after we have driven 30 inches, in order to not instantly forfeit the autonomous bonus, our code bails and just deposits what is has into the goal zone. It’s a very niche case, but sometimes the tray doesn’t deploy, the intake doesn’t run, a cube isn’t in a good position, etc. and it’s nice to have something.


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