So, my friend had the idea of making a tower inside of the robot by literally putting the mobile goal in the robot. would this be legal

Yes. This is perfectly legal

cool thanks

As long as none of the cones on the mobile goal touch the robot.

As long as the robot only touches the cone it is putting on the stack OR the top cone of the stack. Once it has the stack, the robot can move around with it while touching the top cone because, by definition, that would be the only cone it possesses.

yah i had thought of that too, thanks guys

You can touch every single “stacked” cone if you want because they don’t count to you possession limit.

A cone isn’t stacked if you’re touching it… nor are any above it

That is why he put emphasis on stacked for that exact reason :slight_smile:

Correct Note 2 of Stacked:

So, is the implication that every cone above the one you are touching just cones, and if it is more than one you are in possession of more than one in your robot.


ok, he said you can touch every one - but that puts you in danger of their becoming part of your possession limit.

Ah, I thought the rule was it wouldn’t be scored, not it wouldn’t count as stacked, my bad.

This is why it is a good thing we have such discussions before the season starts fully. I am not sure that my interpretation is valid, but certainly an interpretation of the definitions as they now stand. If correct, then it puts more weight on assuring the cones on the stack are not inadvertently touched while manipulated by the robot.

Your interpretation is definitely correct from how I see it. I also hope that touching the stack will be fine, because you won’t be possessing the cones if you just touch them. Grabbing all cones on the stack is illegal though.

That is the worry - stack swaying into the robot structure. Should it be counted as possession of the cones? tbd, in the meantime, design not to touch …

That definitely poses some questions in design. Do you go for it and hope that you don’t break the possession rule and get the dq, or will a different strategy pan out as the best. (Currently this is what my team and I are debating over before starting the build)