TP Intake for Caps

Is everyone going with an aggressive intake for the caps or a passive ? We plan to flip the caps with a 180 degree point also

Active intake on caps is gross

Your signature banner seems uhhh, nice…

W A F F L E intake. Always.

I don’t see anything wrong with active intakes, nor I see anything wrong with passive intakes. I think it’s rather more how you plan to manipulate the caps that would determine the intake you wish to use.

Using a motor to grab the cap is nasty, but using a motor flip your passive claw is not.

yeah what’s wrong with a motor for flipping, that’s not an intake.

Keep in mind that you only have 8 motors with V5. If you use v5 then you’ll want to keep it passive to save as many motors for other things.

there is no need I feel for an active intake. seems to me that 2 u-shaped thingies similar to a mogo intake should be good to pick up the caps. I will refer to this as a “waffle iron” intake.

i feel like even without v5 there’s no extra value to having an active intake for caps
if you had something like this:

(this waffle iron design picture is not mine)

i can’t see why it would be less effective than having an active claw that grabs stuff, besides maybe it could be a little harder to quickly grab caps and small risks of your cap falling out
that extra motor that wasn’t used for an active intake can now be used somewhere else, so i also feel that’s much more worth it

I built one of those but with stand offs instead of c channels. I then put an axel on the back of it so I can attach a motor to do flipping.

stand offs are probably more optimal than c channels for this, as they’ll probably be more weight and space efficient
i know a waffle doesn’t weigh much, but do the standoffs bend at all? there could be a risk of the bottom standoffs bending a little too much from weight, and then the cap sliding out all the time

Wouldn’t you run into problems taking it out? Say for instance you don’t have enough time to get to a pole, are you just stuck with it?

You should be able to lower it to the floor and pull back to leave it there, just like what was done when depositing mobile goals.

I feel like the problem with the waffle iron type intake comes in when you’re trying to descore and flip the caps that are already on pole it would take a lot of time to line up with the cap to go straight into the intake so you kind of need something to come from the top or bottom or if it comes from the front make it open and close that being pretty difficult to do passively

You could program the height of each pole to line up more easily

yeah, that was my take on that issue as well.

Height’s not much of an issue, especially since you only need to code for a few specific heights. I suspect non-level caps will be more of an issue, but probably not too much of one. It seems like on the floor it’s only an issue when the caps are resting on balls or leaning against a wall or similar, so not too bad, especially since opponents will put them on poles. However, they don’t sit level on the poles. They’re not far off, though, so the method should still work well. Just have to take that into account.

I might try to make my lift go exactly as high as the top pole (Or exactly as high as needed to stack a cap on it)

if there is enough clearance between the top two c-channels/standoffs and the bottom two c-channels/standoffs, lining up a waffle iron with the cap should be easier even if the cap isn’t level on a pole.