TP Intake for Caps


one of our teams tried that and it fell out if they drive anywhere even with non slip mat


Just make the space between the top and bottom stand offs/c channels bigger and slant the bottom set up some at the end


that defeats the point of making the space wider though


just due to the cap sliding around too much?


yeah it slides out easily when driving around


No it doesn’t. If the end is slanted up the cap can not slide out as easily.


but it still needs to be wide enough where you dont have to put effort into lining up so slanting it defeats the point esspecially if you plan on flipping caps


The waffles are fairly light though, so it’s not too much of a worry in terms of bending. For reference, one waffle is the equivalent of 3 cones.


i had this other idea, where you could bearing block at the end of your bottom two standoffs or a keps nut if c-channels are used to prevent caps from falling out

I’ll experiment with it more on Tuesday


i still have a problem with having to line up remotely perfectly to get the cap i think the good teams will be able to just come from the top rather than the front like in ITZ (of course not interfering with descoring and flipping caps.


what kind of lift are you using? I think it could actually be harder with a non-linear lift (6 bar or something else), but you’re right, teams are definitely going to set positions with encoders or potentiometers and whatnot to line everything up


@sjhuddleston another thing, you could just remove the top two standoffs entirely and just have a fork, this way you could eliminate the difficulty of lining up the waffle iron space perfectly with the cap, and you could add some restraint like a bearing block or c-channel to the end of the two standoffs to keep the cap from falling off

but then again that wouldn’t allow you to have a joint which could flip over the cap


im mainly talking about having to line up when descoring it would be better to have the waffle style and be able to flip slowly with the same speed on field rather than just not flipping at all


To keep the cap from falling out you could have two zipties on each standoff at the end. By doing this you may have issues flipping ground caps though.


I’m just here to say that if you plan on using an intake that has two prongs going under the cap, call them tusks. Best name and all opposition is wrong.


tusks > passive cap intake


Did you attach the standoffs to collars using couplers? I tried but they come loose really easily.


You use a c channel coming off the lift and standoffs come off the c channel


How would a passive intake work when the cap is tilted?

Pics would help



I assume when you say the cap is tilted is when there is a ball underneath it. While I don’t have an intake solution, my team has noticed that if you just quickly drive into the cap with your ball intake spinning quickly, you can easily intake the ball even when its under the cap. Once the ball is out, you can pick up the cap because it will fall down and become straight.