TP Intake for Caps


I expect the bigger problem with tilted Caps will become when they’re leaning against a wall or a platform. It’s a great defensive move by teams (as long as the core is touching the floor) if the other team can’t pick up tilted Caps well, plus it may well just happen with caps being moved toward the walls.


It wouldn’t be too hard to re-align tilted caps alongside the wall. All you really have to do is push the cap forwards more until it tips backward, allowing you to use the cap again.


Has anyone tried only two forks on the bottom and then motorizing the forks to tilt up and down. That could fix the problem with the caps on the balls.


See the star scrimmage videos. Waste of a motor in my opinion, but it’s been done


tusks on belgium waffles.


Anyone know why our intake grinds against the caps. Does adding standoffs on the intake help assist the cap-flipping process? Our sprocket is 4" above the ground and we even used thicker rubber bands.


Try not to revie old threads.
Might just want to create a new thread to address this.

But, still. Do you have a picture of your intake? I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re talking about.

If you’re using a ball intake to flip caps on the ground, and your sprockets are hitting the caps, you just need a wider intake so that you can manipulate the edge of the cap without the sprocket getting in the way.

I used to have that problem, but, because it still flipped pretty well, I didn’t do anything about it. Eventually, I changed my intake to make it wider anyway, but it worked before that.