Tracked "Tank"

I thought this looked pretty awsome. It isnt quite finished i am waiting for parts and since im in Oregon it takes a while for them to get here. But there is a picture of the arm and multiple of the actual “tank”. What do people think? I plan on mounting a paintball gun or a airsoft gun on it for fun when im done.
Tracks 002.jpg
Tracks 003.jpg
Tracks 004.jpg
Tracks 005.jpg

it looks really cool,although it looks kinda small for a paintball gun to be mounted on it, what are the dimensions on it, i may be wrong.

Looks pretty sweet. Must be heavy with all that metal on there. One tip I don’t know how tight your treads are but we found that making them a little lose allows for more speed and better overall.

13 by 14 inches i am trying to find the mini airsoft automatic like this SLOT GACOR PAPISLOT: Daftar Situs Slot Terbaik dan Slot Online Terpercaya

i dont know it was just a thought

Ill try loosening the treads and see if anything changes

sounds pretty cool to me, i’ve been to that website before, they have some pretty neat stuff.

I live in Oregon too…
Are you on a FVC Team, or just working on your own???

Im on my own i dont think any Oregon schools have teams

I am just an “Older” Geek, showing my “kids” about robots and programming… I am “getting that feeling” too. But things might be changing…

i think it is pretty sweet :slight_smile:

its always cool to see treads that have height to them. instead of just taking a flat plate and putting the sprockets on the end, the tracks run up the sides. nice!

Without any height to the tracks they cant really climb over anything and they dont have much ground clearence.