Tracking threads that I've posted to

In the new forum, is there a way for me to look at the latest posts and figure out which thread(s) I’ve posted to? I want to be able to track when I’ve left a comment.


If you go to your settings in the top right hand corner, then to the ‘activity’ tab, you can see all of your posts in order from newest to oldest.

I think the way this forum wants you to do this is with these options:

If there are threads with unread posts and you have no notifications then you know that you haven’t posted to those threads. I don’t think the forum has an inbuilt way to tell if you have posted in a thread that does not have unread comments. If someone decided to make something like that then I would probably use it.

Thanks. I have the options set. In the old system the post count was bold if I had participated. I was hoping for a similar visual clue. I’ll just make an effort to go into my activity tab to see what I missed.