Traction tank treads cad file is wrong

The official Tank Tread Traction Links cad file seems to be wrong or is it just an old part design?
This is the actual thing…
actual image
And this is the cad file…
Does anyone know why or where I can find a better tank tread model?

Not sure I see the problem. It is just the size of the rubber inserts?

It’s not likely you’ll find a better model in any of the parts libraries, since they are usually made by converting the .stp files from VEX. Here’s you chance to do more CAD than just assembling parts…get a pair of calipers and re-model what needs to be re-modeled. You probably won’t have to re-model the whole thing, just what need to be repaired. Look for tutorials for your particular CAD platform on “extruding bosses” to get some direction on how to get started. If you tell the community your CAD platform, you’ll probably get more specific help.

When you’re done, share your model to the community in both the regular format of your particular CAD software, and as a .step file (so everyone can use it, regardless of their software).