Traction Torque

Hello VEX Forums!

I have been doing some research and have come to a few questions regarding specs and calculations for motors and other such things. I will be listing some questions and would be greatly thankful if someone could help me out with them.

1.) If you look at the specs on the 393 motors (specifically the high-speed 393 motors) its shows output stage driving gear and output stage DRIVEN gear. What is the difference between the two?
2.) Again, on 393 high-speed motors, it shows numbers with a t next to them. What does the t stand for?
3.) I have been looking up on traction torque, and was wondering what it is exactly. Is it the friction between the wheel and floor?

Thank you!

The driving gear is the deeper gear you switch when changing gears, the driven gear is the output, the one with the square hole. The number with a t has nothing to do with friction or traction, it is simply the number of physical teeth on each of those gears. This is how the gear ratio, and thus the speed and torque, changes.
As for your third point, I can’t really answer that. I would be inclined to agree with your assessment, but I don’t know

Thank you very much, that helped a lot!