Traction Wheel Question Legal?

Middle School Teacher here, are 5" traction wheels legal? Not flex wheels–I know they are not legal. I found them on the website but it does say “discontinued”.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

5 inch wheels are in fact illegal

5" Traction wheels are legal, and flex wheels are too. Check out the discontinued products page.


I think the OP is talking about 5 inch flex wheels which are NOT legal for vrc. The other ones are.

Ah, you’re right. My fault.

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The one in the image OP posted has the product number 276-1498, the same as the traction wheels on the discontinued products page, meaning they are legal. Here’s the link to legal flexwheels

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Leg wheels also legal. Cross the barrier without even touching it… please, someone make this happen.


Who needs leg wheels when you could just have a robot on c-channel legs? Worlds meta predictions…


Thank you! Two gung-ho 8th graders found the fourth 5" traction wheel and I did not want to dampen the enthusiasm.