Traction Wheeled X-Drive

Is a traction-wheeled X-drive possible?

Note, this is a place for only the most truthful of answers.

I need creative solutions that break the barrier of possibility.

Don’t send it out as a challenge.

Someone might actually do it.

Is is possible? YES
is it efficient? NO

There are no omni-rollers to propel the robot forward like there are in a traditional drivetrain.
I would compare it to trying to use a tank drive as a mecanum drivetrain, but it would actually kind of work at first.
Anyway, what would the point of doing it be?

Well, if it was on an ice rink your motors wouldn’t burn out, but it still wouldn’t move.

There would be an insane amount of extra friction. It would work but you’d burn out in a few seconds.

The answer you’re looking for: NO

How about an x drive with mecanums?

That was my idea in another post as a joke:P
I think that possibly it could work, but if the frame was rotated 45 degrees… Otherwise, they would do exactly what a traction wheeled X-Drive will do…

Another thing, a traction wheeled X-Drive is possible if it is a swerve-bot:

What about a holonomic, swerve bot, with 7 mecanum wheels? :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that it is possible if you break the limits of our mortal minds. The average human can only comprehend and do what they are taught. Feed them the right information and they can create anything

Actual Comment: Possibly. I think that someone is going to design a special traction wheel just for this.

It has been done for mecanum wheels

i am on it, i meant the x drive with traction wheels, i got a x drive around i will test it…
wish me luck

If you made enormous omni wheels with traction wheels as the rollers, would that count? :wink:

Okay I will :stuck_out_tongue:
Lol I’m sorry I had to start that trend for this year xD

Only if you make it…