Tracy VEX Robotics Competition Reminder

Just wanted to remind any teams in the Bay Area & Valley Region that the last World Championship qualifier for Northern California is in Tracy on March 20th. It would be helpful if teams could sign up before March 11th but registration is open till the 17th. Here is the link for the Robotevents.

i know this is off topic but…
i noticed that the capacity is only 24
if all 24 slots are filled
will the top 8 seed still be able to choose 2 other teams as alliances? (every robot will be in the quarter finals)
or will it just be a two-team alliance?
and if you have less than 24 i suppose its two robots per alliance as well?

According to the rules, 24 teams would (must?) fill 8 3-team alliances.

If there are less than 24 but more than 18 teams, it is up to the tournament manager whether the extra teams will play. We opted to let them play at the 20-team Bellarmine tournament (1 alliance had two teams instead of three).

I remember at Bellarmine an alliance tried to pick the non-existent team (0000?) but the tournament organizers didn’t allow it and forced them to pick a team and made the 8th seed alliance pick the filler team. So I think that in the same way, 24 teams would have to fill the three alliances.

To me this seemed to give the two team alliance an unfair advantage, because they did not have to play with their second pick team.

At Wentworth this weekend there were 18 teams there so we made 6, 3 team alliances. 1st and 2nd seed alliances were given a bye in the quarterfinals. It was a nice way to do it i guess and every team got to play as opposed to making 8 alliances of 2 in which 2 teams would be excluded from the elimination rounds.

It’s all in the rules, and the Tournament Manager software supports these alternatives: