Tracy VEX Robotics Competition

Just wanted to remind teams in the Bay Area that there is going to be a vex tournament in Tracy CA. This is going to be one of the last qualifiers in the bay area/valley region for the world. It would be helpful if any teams that are interested can post something so we have an idea of numbers. Sign ups will end on March 10th


Definite NO’s:

Probable YES’s:


If only we had a good, low-cost teleportation machine!

Exactly what I was thinking. Forget the robots, this should be our next year’s project…:rolleyes:

I think willy wanka had something like this. we may be able to ask him if we could borrow it. He seems like a nice enough guy. Oh and if your robot is a tad too big you just run it though it a few times and it will shrink to under the 18" x 18" x 18" :smiley: