Trade 27mhz vexplorer radio gear for 49mhz

Is there anyone out there with 2x 49mhz vexplorer kits that wishes one of them were 27mhz? Does someone have a 49mhz that wouldn’t care if it were 27mhz?

I ordered 2x vexplorer kits from woot and of course both of them are 27mhz. I have enough vex radio gear that I can work around it, but it would be keen if I could use all of it as I wanted.

I’d be willing to ship my 27mhz gear to you first, in case you only have 1 set. Then you can test it, make sure it works and not have any down time.

Or does anyone know how to make a 27mhz set into 49mhz, perhaps by replacing parts on the circuit boards? I can still turn them both into motor expanders, so it isn’t a total wash if nobody wants to.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, they are all 27MHz. All of my VEXplorers are, and the specs on the Products page only mentions 27MHz.

I suspect that would be difficult, since the parts are all very small SMT parts. Next time I’ve got a VEXplorer receiver cracked opened I’ll have a look…

  • Dean

Oh, I thought I’d read somewhere that there was a 27mhz version, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t. The only thing I saw inside that looked reasonably easy to replace was a ~9mhz crystal (it was, but I don’t recall the xxx part).

Oh well, it isn’t a big loss since I can turn one of them into a motor controller expansion doodad.

I believe if you open it up you will find the crystals somewhere, and you could desolder them to replace with another crystal.

That has a very good chance of not working. Oscillator circuits have components that are chosen for the frequency they are going to produce. 27MHz is a long way from 49MHz. The new transmitter frequency may not be any place close to where the receiver is listening. The Vex receivers have a fairly narrow frequency range, that’s why you can have 4 robots with two transmitters each working in the same 15*15 foot area.