Traffic Cone Retriever System

A solution to scoop up fallen cones?

Applauds We need more gold like this. Also, there’s no like button. :frowning:

Video X-Cone Traffic Cone Management

Anyone knows how does this intake exactly grabs the cone on the top?

The man was definitely faster at picking up the cones… just saying.

This is an interesting concept, and there’s also many industrial machines that are perfect examples for picking up the mobile goals.

I wonder if the plastic cones would have enough friction on the field to be able to do the same?

It looks like it just clamps it at the top, but I’m interested in how they deal with dirty, damaged, or bad quality cones that want to stick together.

Fit in an 18" cube and strap a cortex on your back and you can do the same in a match!

Also, replace all your bones and muscles with Vex materials. Non vex materials must be decorative or used exclusively for wire management. Anything functional must be backed by vex parts.

Don’t forget to replace your eyes for ultrasonic sensors. Unless you’re in Vex U, you’re not allowed to use any other sensors except those that vex offers.

This would be a great idea if possession wasn’t an issue

Too bad it stacks from the bottom…

Yeah I see a challenge with this concept: how you gonna hold the stack of cones atop without possessing more than one cone at a time? The mobile goal would have to be removed everytime a new cone is inserted.

@AppleDavidJeans You could have a system that pushed the entire stack including mobile goal in the air and then picked up and oriented the intake cone to “catch” the stack…but that seems unnecessarily complicated and more trouble than it’s worth, not to mention probably inclined to cause stacks to tip