Trans-seasonal Engineering Notebook Content

Can one reuse parts of an engineering notebook across different years of VEX, and how would one do so?

For example, I had ~5 pages in our digital engineering notebook this year about the design process for 3D printed license plate holders. This was documented during this year, the 2021-2022 season, but will still be a part of the robot in future years.

I would like to use this content in the notebook in future years, but I am unsure how to do so.

In the Judging guide, it states that “Each page/entry is numbered and dated in chronological order.” and that “[the] First entry is the first team meeting, and each team meeting has an entry”. This would seem to prevent using notebook content from previous years.

I am asking this in a general sense–this situation could apply to other examples such as an odometry system or pure pursuit implementation.

How would one use notebook content from previous years in their current engineering design notebook?


I feel a bit iffy about straight up using past entries as if they haven’t been taken from previous notebooks.

But what you could do is take a screenshot of the pages, make them half the size and put them in, and briefly talk about how you did some stuff in previous years, and here those old entries. So make it obvious it is from previous years, and I think you’ll be fine.


Do an iteration on the design. Include the old design, then do the iteration. Because everything can be made better with another improvement cycle (well except Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanutbutter cups, cause they are just perfect, don’t mess with them)