Transferring a EasyC License.


I have a easyC Pro license for 1 year on my laptop. It has been 6 months, but now i need to transfer easyC over to another laptop. One that is more accesible to the team.

How do i transfer the license?

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Hi Sunny,
Thanks for the post. Your first step is to open easyC on both PCs: the source PC (your old PC) and the target PC (your new PC). I recommend installing the latest version located here:, which is Vista compatible.

To transfer a license from one PC to another PC, get the PC-specific code from the Registration dialog box on the target PC.

On the source PC, open the Registration dialog box. Enter the PC-specific code of the target PC and Select Transfer. The software on the source PC will generate a new unlock code for the target PC and will remove the license from the source PC.

On the target PC, enter the new unlock code in the Registration dialog box.

If you need to find these instructions again, it can be found in the easyC Help file by searching for “transfer”. Feel free to call us if you have any additional questions: 800-221-2763.

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