Transferring EasyC

Transferring your license

Every unlock code is unique. It will become invalid (and cause the software to stop functioning) if you change a physical component in your PC (e.g., hard disk, network card, CPU), format your disk, or install a new operating system after an unlock code has been issued, but before it has been applied. The unlock code is only used during the licensing process. Once the software is licensed, physical components may be changed without affecting the “licensed” status of the software.

Make sure you are an administrator before your register or Transfer EasyC

To transfer a license from one PC to another PC
On the target PC install the software and get the PC-specific code from the Registration dialog box.

On the source PC, open the Registration dialog box. Enter the PC-specific code of the target PC and Select Transfer. The software on the source PC will generate a new unlock code for the target PC and will remove the license from the source PC.

On the target PC, enter the new unlock code in the Registration dialog box.

Return a license to intelitek®, so you can retrieve it later.
To remove a software license without an available target PC:

From the Registration dialog box, select Remove the License and click Remove. The software will generate a unique Remove code.

Send the Remove code and your CD key to intelitek® via email or through intelitek’s website. intelitek will confirm the codes and update the licensing registration records.

When you are ready to retrieve your license, install the software (if necessary) and follow the instructions for obtaining an unlock code.


Transferring or removing your license is final and immediate. After removing a license from a PC, easyC will no longer operate on that PC. Be very careful to record your remove code, and all transfer information during this process. A faulty internet connection could leave your PC unlicensed while preventing intelitek from receiving your transfer or removal request.