Transferring Notebook to Digital

Hello Everyone, my team recently got into the World Championship. We heard that the Judges might all be virtual so we might need to make our notebook digital. Is this true and if so, Does anyone have an effective way of transferring their paper notebooks to digital? Is it better to re-write everything and make it full digital, or just take pictures of the notebook. Thanks!

On (at least) iPhones you can use the Files app to scan pages and convert them to a complete PDF. This is good to quickly digitize your notebook, but it creates a fairly large file as it’s technically a photo per page.

(The scanned notebook I did last season was 300MB, whereas when I did it all digitally this year the file is only 6MB, for roughly the same number of pages.)


On my team, we are just scanning our notebooks on one of the office-type school scanners that is fast and can fit two pages at once. It will probably be more work to rewrite 100 pages (especially diagrams) than to scan 50 times. Of course, your decision depends on your specific circumstances.


Yes, notebooks Will need to be submitted in an easy accessible virtual format for this season‘s World Championships.

What my team has done (for an event with similar guidelines), is used a pdf scanner app to use pictures of my notebook and create a odd out of those. I then uploaded the pdf to google drive, set the sharing permissions to anyone with the link, and emailed the link to my mentor so that he could submit it to the proper source.


Scanning is best, my dad brought in our notebook last year to his work to get ours scanned

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Adobe scan is the best scanning app out there. Super easy to use, super clear, lots of settings if you want to make it perfectly.


Yes, that’s exactly what I use! I would highly recommend this app, as its super easy to crop PDFs and their wide variety of filters allow you to chose how your pdf looks like.