Transferring Python file to V5 Brain

Hello! As the lead-programmer of my school’s VRC Spin Up team, I was asked to start creating pseudocode that could be used later on for autonomous (where the pseudocode would heavily be applied). While I was hoping that I could use C++ as the language for the program, a few peers requested that I use Python so that they could contribute to the project (I didn’t decline because this is a team effort). Unfortunately, Vexcode isn’t compatible with the operating system that I use so I figured I could just manually upload the project through the serial port.

I was wondering if:

  • it is possible to directly stream bytes into the brain
  • any metadata needs to be included for the brain to recognize the file
  • the brain needs the compiled project, or can just interpret the .py file

Thank you!

I would expect this is a @jpearman question.

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Linux user ?

not exactly, it needs to be uploaded using the VEX serial protocol, but we don’t have tools to do that for linux (yet, perhaps some limited support this summer).

The V5 interprets the python file, but remember, this is an embedded implementation of Python so not all features of 3.8 are available.


There’s It’s not as good as VEXcode V5 the app, but not impossible, either. The main issue is it doesn’t deal with saving files very well. You can try it out.


haha, completely forgot about that. You do need to use chrome.

edit: I tried chromium in ubuntu 18.04 from snap store, it had a couple of issues.

it may or may not need a new udev rule, I added this, (google udev rules on where to install this.) I already had the rule for permission to the serial device, added the raw usb rule.

KERNEL=="ttyACM[0-9]*", MODE="0666"
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="2888", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0501", MODE="0666"

still could not see the V5 in chromium after that, then issued this command and relaunched chromium.

>sudo snap connect chromium:raw-usb

now it works.


Thank you @jpearman and @242EProgrammer!

Using the browser-based IDE worked and we managed to get our robot working.

I appreciate the help!