transforming x drive

So my team has decided to redesign our base, we want it to start like a normal drive robot but then use pneumatics to change it into an X drive. we are having trouble mounting the pistons so they get the wheels to a 45 degree angle. can anyone help? I know some other teams have done this in the past so I know its possible.

This old video of a prototype that AURA made might be of some use to you:

thank you! this is very useful

A successful example of flipout hybrid drive. BTW that was the worst final I have ever lost… see how that elevator broke, one stage completely popping out.

thanks! I am assuming the elevator bot is yours, if so I hope nothing major broke on it.

It is actually our A team’s robot, and I am in charge of B team. At that final our robot was in the alliance but not on the field.

A team captain explained to me that in order to reduce friction, they bent the linear slide outwards to have more space, which is something not to do if you are doing an elevator. You saw how those green sliders just popped out under heavy loads.

Anyway, thanks for asking. We are working on new robots now, and that elevator is currently on display. :smiley: