Transistor Amplification Tutorial

I just made a video tutorial on using transistors to amplify digital outputs from a micro controller. Now I used the arduino but this same circuit could be used on the vex by connecting it to one of the vex digital output pins.

Check it out!

Tell me what you think and what I should do next I am have trouble thinking of an idea…

Thanks you so much for making these videos. From being on my FRC team i have learned quite a bit about aspects of robotics other than my strong aspects (Design and Build is were is really like to be). I have learned about programming and even a little bit about the wiring but i have never really had a good grasp on this kind of wiring with homemade circuits and everything and i have always wanted to know more about them. These videos have really helped me gain an understanding of how all of this works. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us. :slight_smile:



I am just trying to see what I should do next!