Transition to star bolts

Do you like that vex is moving from hex bolts to star bolts? Poll

It is a bit more expensive for star bolts.

I would use them for motor screws though! (6-32 screws that use 5/64" hex key)

Less* :slight_smile:

I personally don’t like that they’re getting rid of the hex screws.
Eventually needing to buy all new tools if we need new screws, and then having both.
I think that more than anything it’s just going to be annoying.

I would have thought that it would be a better idea to have the option open for for new teams, but keep the hex screws.
Am I alone on this?
What was the reason for the decision?

I think it will depend if the new screws hold up better across multiple seasons. Then it’s worth investing in them if they’re better at reducing cost and frustration.

We end up with a lot of stripped screws when using the current screws.

Pretty sure these are just Torx head machine screws. Biggest issue has always been the shallow head depth of dome head screws and that won’t be changing.

This is definitely a better choice but the transition for existing teams might be a little mixed! Literally.

New tools can be as cheep as $3 from a local hardware store, so I wouldn’t say that’s a problem.
I’m personally really looking forward to screws that strip less. (I don’t want to calculate how much time has been spent carefully removing damaged screws.)
The lack of angle drivers is unfortunate however.

Trivia for the day: They cannot be called Torx(R) screws unless you manufacture them under a license from Camcar-Textron, who owns the patent. You have to call them something else (like “star” or “T”). So if your screws (or driver) says “Torx-15” on the box, it is licensed, if it only says T-15, it might not be. Officially (ASME and ISO standards) it is a “6-lobe hexalobular recess” screw .

The VEX price isn’t bad, even compared to the big vendors like MSC or Bolt Depot. Unless the rules change, you can always buy whatever you want in the standard screw sizes (up to 2" long), so you could use slotted screws if you really wanted to, or my preference is standard SHCSs, which rarely strip (but take more space for the heads).

I think the star drive screws are a nice upgrade (and fit with the game elements!) but agree that the transition might be tricky for existing teams. Judging by the pricing strategy, it seems VEX might want to phase the hex screws out of their product line in a few years, but keep in mind that any commercially available screws are legal for use, so you can still get hex screws for cheaper at places like Bolt Depot, McMaster, etc.

In terms of tools, I’ve found some pretty cool options, including L keys, screwdrivers, ball end. They’ll be available on soon, so don’t worry about tools. :slight_smile:


I’ve never had experience with these star shaped screws, so do you guys know if it’s still possible to screw them in at an angle? With the current screws we have ball headed Allen keys that let us screw at an angle, which is really useful while building in tight spaces. Would this be possible with the star shaped screws as well?

SHCS is what is standard in industry, and what really is best t prevent stripping. I highly suggest using them everywhere you don’t need low profile heads for clearance.*

*Fun fact, there are also Low Profile SHCS

Nope, Torx screws (6-lobe hexalobular) can only be driven with the driver straight. But they are the standard in the automotive industry, because they are especially suited for automated assembly since they don’t strip, and they will stay attached to the end of a driving tool for installation in hard-to-reach places.

That is incorrect, there are actually ball end torx tools. I have not yet tried them, but apparently the work well.

Neither have I…never even seen them before, and I even work in the auto industry!

Will vex me selling ball/angle drivers for the star screws?

I just hope they keep selling the allen bolts as well. I like them. The hard thing for me is to find high quality tools that I like for star screws or torx screws.

I spent a lot of money to get quality tools like Wiha and MIP drivers.

MSC has good prices on Wiha Torx drivers and fast delivery (for me at least as it seems UPS makes shipping real quick as their distribution center is about 90 miles away). I just got a free shipping email today from them and other discounts too so sign up and get lots of tools like files, saws, torx t-handles, etc.

Yes, that is the current plan.

I didn’t even know those existed for star drive.