Transitioning from VexCode Blocks to Text

I have a student interested in transitioning from blocks to text. Are there any good resources to help him bridge that gap? I was thinking about a poster that had a block on one side and the text equivalent on the other would be a useful tool for him to reference.

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I don’t know about a slide like that but the equivalent of that would just be programming in blocks then clicking the convert to text tab. Also here is a useful link I came across.


vex code has the option to have text setup next to blocks so you can see what the code would look like when you drop the blocks in.

I would utilize that, and slowly transfer over to using text based only. If anything, you could keep separate windows open of vexcode so you can drop using blocks to see the code, and just write what you need in your own code. Dont know if that makes sense.


If you are using VEX VR, you could also wait to see the Switch mode. VEXcode Virtual Robots (VR) - VEX Robotics

Switch mode will first be available in VEX VR with Python and then come to other platform (IQ, V5) later.

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