Are Transmissions worth building into a robot?

For the average bot, transmissions wouldn’t be needed imo, but for example, if you want to have a high hang mechanism while still using as many motors as you can for your dumping or launching mechanism, then it’d be worth looking into.

If you want great pushing ability and have a motor to spare/pneumatics, you could use a transmission to change the gear ratio of your wheels for high torque, allowing you to push more stars and cubes.

Depends what you want it for. If you just want one because they’re cool, no, but if you have a specific use for it, maybe. I personally do not think a transmission on the drive this year is worth it. Also, if your design needs pneumatics, probably only if you have other uses for pneumatics.

I was thinking of punting two on the drive.


It’s not worth it for a starstruck drivetrain in my opinion.
The only benefit I see is if you are making a push bot and it needs power to compete with other robots on the other side of the fence.

If you have a linear lift, you could have a transmission on it to allow it to go up quickly and retract with more torque.

I will probably go with a “Dumpapult” or a catapult. I was wonting one for high speed or high torck.

Why do you need high speed or high torque “modes” on a catapult/dumpapult?

Capacity vs quick throws.

I was wonting a high speed for moving across the field.

Imo, you should try making a transmission at least once, just for the experience. Afterwards you can judge for yourself whether it’s worth the weight and friction.

How do I shape the gears?

Trust me, I’ve done it twice, and though my robot would be wickedly good at whatever the transmission was built for, the weight it adds and pain to make it has never been worth it. Just don’t do it. Coming from experience.

We used a transmission on our H-Drive last season. It worked for most of the year up until State. That is when we realized the shafts were eating into metal and causing unwanted friction. Because a lot of Starstruck is based on speed, it would be nice to have a transmission. However you are sacrificing weight within the robot, which could put more stress on your motors.

Yeah I wouldn’t do a transmission.

Seance TurboTech sated that I should make one and I have one but it wont shift well, it has standard gears that have not been modified. What can I do to make it work?

Pictures would be helpful :smiley:

Here is a transmission video playlist. Green Egg has often made use of transmissions, and several of theirs begin that list. You can see how they chamfer their gears to help them mesh. For 2 speed drive, check this.

Although the negatives mentioned above are valid, transmissions can be quite useful. If you can use a set of 4 or 6 motors for two purposes, such as powering your hang assembly with your drive motors, it is a substantial gain in your effective motor count.

I wouldn’t see a purpose for hanging. Below are videos from toss up, GER with a transmission and 21 without. Both essentially had a 2 second hang

The next difference would be drivetrain power. You might be able to squeeze a bit more acceleration, and thus speed for a tank drive. If you’re going for an omni-directional however, it would be significantly more difficult, and probably not worth the time available towards programming/practicing how to drive. Benefits would also be weighed down by the additional weight, gearing inefficiency, and friction