I’ve done research on transmissions and I wanted to see if I can get somethings clear:

  1. They are used to increase torque or increase speed ( (True) or (False) )

  2. How simple can these things get

  3. Is it easiest to use a planetary gear system (the one with the ring, orbiting gears, and center gear) to make a really effective one

I tried looking online, but can’t find any good explanation or tutorials on VEX transmissions specifically, so…

  1. Where do I find any good explanation or tutorials on VEx transmissions specifically

Thank you in advance.

~ Inventor Inventor

First, no ring gear is possible with vex, only with chain, second the easest one to do is a pneumatic transmission. Aless moving parts less friction etc

  1. True
  2. Pretty simple.
  1. Here you go :slight_smile:
  1. I’d suggest speaking to a member of team 44. They had a really smooth transmission in toss-up.


Some of my suggestions are to optimize the transmission to have as little friction as possible and pneumatic shifters seem more reliable.

Thank you all this really helped

Also since any pneumatics used only count as 2 motors, will using 4 pneumatics also count as 2 motors?

If you use any number of pneumatics, it counts as 2 motors, as in, if you use them, you are limited to 10 motors


Thanks for your answer

Is there a limited amount of air tanks that can be used?

2 air tanks

Really? Well that’s good to know!

Thank you

If you need help maximizing your actuations, you should send me a message. You should be able to get about 30-40 cycles with two tanks at 100 PSI (the legal limit).

Although a transmission has some nice benefits, keep in mind that it will continuously add friction to your drive or any other mechanism, and always add weight.

This video rly explains a simple transmission pretty well.