Transmitter Buttons

I am veteran programmer of FRC and just recently purchased a VEX. A difference I noticed in the code was that pushbutton are mapped to PWMin channels and not digital IO type channels like the FRC system. I guess this is due to the RC controller set up. I see constant that has a value for a pressed value and a non-pressed value. Are my assumtpitons right so far?

If so how critical are those constant values? Do they vary depending on how hard youpress the button?

You are correct. On the Vex Controller, all Transmitter functions are mapped by the Default Code to control motors connected to the Motor Outputs. Thus, pushing one of the buttons on Channel 5 would cause a motor to turn in one direction. Pushing the other Channel 5 button would cause the same motor to rotate in the opposite direction. The values are not critical and only need to determine that a button has been pressed so it does not matter how hard you press – there are only 2 state: pressed and not pressed.