Transmitter no longer activating robot

I’m sure we are missing something obvious, but here goes.
After downloading the mastercode and testcode (using latest upgrade and v10 mastercode), the robot works fine in autonomous.
However, getting back to transmitter control is stumping us.
Resetting to default code and resetting transmitter to default don’t help.

This has happened with all 5 kits in the class.

What are we doing/not doing wrong/right?

thanks, blueboy

What programming software are you using?

Hi Ricky.
Sorry I forgot that part
We are using EasyC v2 - l just updated with the latest release and master code on Thursday.


Can you zip up a copy of your code and post it?

Are you using crystals or VexNet?

Are you using a Competition Project?

I’ve attached the master code I used - although I downloaded it from the vex site, so am assuming it is good.

I’m using crystals, and each unit is on a different frequency (crystal set A)

Each team had built the protobot just to get familiarized with the system.

thanks, (14.5 KB)

You must use the version of Mastercode included with easyC, that is why it doesn’t work.

If you have an old version of easyC you need to upgrade to whole program to support VexNet.

I’m using the version 10 of the mastercode, because I downloaded the upgrade to EasyC and the program instructed me to download and use mastercode 10.
So I don’t think that is my problem.
The test program worked fine on autonomous. It was only after I finished running the test code and then tried to use the transmitter that I had problems.
We downloaded the default code, which should reset the controller back to “out of the box” but the transmitter no longer controls it.


Okay, I tried reloading the original software and downloading the version 7 mastercode and default and my problem seems to have gone away.

Is it that the version 10 is not for crystals?

thanks for all the help.


What version of the software are you running “Help Menu -> About”

It should be, with Mastercode 10 this would work correctly with crystals or VexNet

If this doesn’t work, save your project in a folder and zip it and post it.

I was running, with Mastercode 10. As previously stated, the autonomous worked fine, but after downloading the default code, the transmitter would not work.

The reason I had upgraded from my disc version ( was that I was getting a download error when I tried to load the mastercode.

Yesterday I reinstalled my disc version ( with mastercode 7 and all is working fine. So I don’t know what my problems were - perhaps a Windows issue.

Regardless, I am working now and my students are happy, which is the main point.

thanks for all the help,