Transmitter Problem

I was using my transmitter a couple of days again to have some fun with a new bot before programming. When I plugged any motor into channel 2 it would run continuously (CW). I have checked and narrowed it down to being the transmitter.

What would cause this since it must be hardware based on the transmitter?

And, how can I fix this?


Just a guess, but perhaps some dust or debris got into the joystick mechanism and is interfering with the potentiometer. I’d start by using compressed air to blow out the troubled joystick from the outside.

If that doesn’t work, carefully open it up and inspect the backside of the joystick. Make sure that there isn’t any dust/debris in there. Also, look for broken wires or damaged linkage to the joystick.

Here are some pictures of the backside of the mechanism (compliments of John V-Neun):

Hope that helps,

  • Dean

I never thought of something so simple as that. I will try that today and hope that it works.

What about the settings on the joystick where it allows you to change the speed continuously.

Basically the little buttons under the joysticks on the controller.

That could be the problem.

Set it to 0 on all of the joysticks and see if that helps, if that doesn’t help that you should clean out the joysticks.

I have reset the controller like a million times and have tried all that…so by my deductive reasoning :smiley: it has to be hardware based.

Yea it is probably hardware related, if you can get on ebay go here and buy this fast.

Its $20 but a hell of a good deal with shipping when it retails for $120.

If its hardware related and you cannot fix it then i don’t see any other way but to buy a new one and vex is $120 so you do the math and it amounts to over $100 in savings.

Yep - definitely a candidate for replacement if the problem isn’t easy to fix.
If you aren’t into eBay, you can get them from All Electronics for $30.

  • Dean