Transmitter question after autonomous mode

We have loaded our first autonomous program into the VEX Controller, but after the program runs the controller does not want to receive manual commands from the transmitter. Is there an additional piece of programming that needs to be included to ‘activate’ manual control from the transmitter? The transmitter/controller we working successfully before loading a program.

I am not sure exactly what your problem is but if I am understanding correctly you have written an autonomous program and now you want to have control of the robot after the autonomous mode completes. to do this you should put a while loop with the expression 1 == 1 inside of this to create an infinite while loop. inside of this put the arcade or tank control you want to use after the bot completes what it was programed to do. adjust the settings to fit your controller and it should work fine

from the PRVTHS Robotics team

Since a simple program is loaded (make three motors run for 5 seconds) I figured the program was still in control instead of allowing the transmitter to send commands.

Since we’re using EasyC I’m guessing there is a tank control there. As far as adding 1 == 1, can this be done in EasyC ?

I am still slightly unsure of what the program is, on the left side of your screen there is a menu and at the bottom of it there should be 2 tabs. can you click the project tab and then under source files click UNTITLED.c and copy and paste all of the text in there to this post and show me where you want to be able to control the robot manually as this will help me better understand your problem

from PRVTHS robotics team