Transporting starstruck game pieces

Has anyone found an efficient (i.e. not just “throw them all in a box”) way of transporting the stars and even the fence? The stars are really awkwardly shaped and will take up a lot of space to transport. I was thinking a large mesh sports bag, the kind they use to carry soccer balls, basketballs, etc.

For the “fence”, I was going to keep the 2 end fence pieces intact, and just remove the middle 3 4’ long pieces of PVC. Any other ideas? It would have been really nice if they had designed these to fold up somehow.


I don’t know if this is possible but my team was thinking of 3D printing a Star Decoupling tool. Basically, it would be a trapezoidal prism with the edges curved and shaped like wedges. The edges slide into the larger part of the star giving the smaller part enough room to slide out freely. Then, just pull out the tool and bam, you’ve saved like 80% volume and reduced risk of damage. Our team never got past sketches though, not even to a cad.

We keep pieces in 12 foot sections so the fence is a bit easier for us than other games.

For stars we are still using the boxes. Possibly going to use large bins like you store Christmas decorations in (ones we used for catching NBN balls last year). See if we can get a whole field set in one bin.

I think it would be too risky too take the stars apart. We transport ours in large cardboard boxes. If they are arranged carefully (by a mentor or H.S. student), quite a few will fit into a large box without deforming the points. We transport our fences by breaking them down to an 8’ and 4’ section.

Transport stars in plastic tubs. Fence in three, sections. the end two and the center rails. I attach the rails with slightly longer screws and thumb nuts.