Trap door vs. Pooper

Why, what’s the big deal? That’s just a name that metaphorically descirbes the mechanism. Even the admins are loving it


You make a good point.

From what i can tell the trapdoor idea if designed extremely well could be just as good as a roller ejection system. Its just gunna come down to how much effort you wanna put into the robot.

I will say though storing balls behind a trap door looks alot harder to pull than behind a roller ejection system.


I would still go trapdoor, just because the rubber band rollers of the pooper could snag on another robot if they’re not covered

Can I nominate this post for the best relevant topic name of all time on the vex forum?

IMO it’s easier to create a pooper from an existing system (that’s what my team is planning on doing anyway), but I haven’t compared both strategies in hardware yet


seems better just to protect the rollers from snagging than it is to use a fundamentally inferior mechanism.

not to say that a trapdoor won’t work, it definitely will, just that a pooper is faster, more efficient, and simpler, which makes it objectively better than trapdoors.

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Also the “pooper” bot can be faster than the trapdoor for1 big reasons, 1 the balls are not rolling back as they go up, instead just being pushed straight up. other than the that they are pretty much equal based heavily on how good the desing is…

Sorry if I’m missing something, but what do you mean by “desing”?

Design, sorry mispelled…

pooper is better in many ways:

  • simplicity makes it easier to build and perfect
  • less moving parts = less friction = more efficient
  • having rollers actively suck the ball out is faster that opening a hatch and having the ball fall out the back
  • takes up less space than an open trapdoor, which means you can mount a hoarder more easily

No worries! It happens to the best of us.

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Again not related to topic post, but I cant figure out how to create a topic… I have a programming question, so what I want to do is make a counter that increases every time the program cycles through , then use that input, multiply it to increase the speed, then put it back into the value of the color of a box, so I have the color fade through the ~4 billion colors that there are. here is what I have so far… it seems like it dosen’t like the plus sing, like it doesn’t increase and says that is is “unused” . when I print the value to the screen it stays at 50 , like it would if it is not adding.

void usercontrol( void ) {

Brain.Screen.setFillColor(yellow) ;
Brain.Screen.setFont (monoXXL) ;
Brain.Screen.print(“hi”) ;

int w=1;
int blure=1 ;
int blue=blure*50 ;

while (1) {
Brain.Screen.clearLine() ;
Brain.Screen.print(blue) ;
//Brain.Screen.setFillColor(0x00000001) ;

if( w==1 )
1+1 ;


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I agree that the "pooper robot is better, however that dosent mean you could acheve close to the same if not the same effect with a trapdoor bot, also note you could have the trapdoor moove left and right like a sliding door rather than forwd and back, like a chest freezer turned on side.
Just saying dont discredit the potential that a trapdoor can have… : )


Not 100% sure but wouldn’t the trapdoor system be slower as well as possibly getting in the way if you are gonna use the standoff band hoarder thingy like in 99999V’s robot. (Sorry don’t know the name of it).

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my quarrel with this is that we like things to have one name for simplicity. So, just for conversation lets say that pooper did become the normal and somewhat official term for the mechanism. that would mean that we need to call it a pooper in our notebooks, and talk about our robots “poopers” in our judged interviews. which to me, sounds A LOT less professional than “Trap door” or, “Sorting system”.


nah dude just get the motor that powers your flywheel or top motor to be connected to the top roller on the pooper then boom theres your pooper. Really pretty easy just have to position4 the rollers in the right way

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