Trapdoor advice?

Im currently trying to build a trap door that opens downwards and I can’t for the life of me figure something out because I can’t push it open from the top and a pneumatic piston isnt long enough, any suggestions?

I am very confused… Could you please send some pictures of what you are attempting?

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May I ask what the trap door is being used for? This sounds interesting.

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I have heard of ideas such as making a bucket for rings and then dropping them into the mogo. It drops with a trapdoor

Is it a trap or is just a door?


Or is it both :thinking:

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Are you building something for Tipping point or is this a non-competitive project?

Emphasis added by yours truly

I imagine you could make something like this (jank cross-sectional sketch in google drawings), and attach the piston to points A and B

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