Trapping in Protected Zone

Can I effectively trap somebody in there protected zone?
IE a red robot waits just outside the blue alliance protected zone when the blue robot is in. When the blue robot goes to escape the red robot keeps following them so they can only back up in there protected zone.

Important Note: The red robot never enters the blue robots protected zone

legal in most scenarios

The definition of trapping according to the game manual is as follows:

A Robot is considered Trapped if an opposing Robot has restricted it into a small, confined
area of the field, approximately the size of one foam field tile or less, and has not provided an avenue for escape. Trapping can be direct (e.g. pinning an opponent to a field wall) or indirect (e.g. preventing a Robot from escaping a corner of the field).

Usually it will be considered an indirect trapping and can only be done for 5 seconds. However the protected zone is about 2.5 tiles big, meaning it is not trapped in a small and confined space as the manual says. Therefore, this should be legal.

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what if a wallbot boxed a blue robot in its protected zone
the wallbot would be outside the protected zone
would this also be legal?
i get its not a good move but just wondering

I would think so, because it has more than 1 tile of move space. However, they could probably push their way out

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this happened to us @jrjohn2205 was driveing and we didnt have that many cubes in side so we tried to leave and our claw broke