Trapping in the 10 Point Zone

Just right now during our match, a robot from the opposing alliance proceeded to trap us inside of our 10 point zone after placing a mobile goal with a few cones on it in the 20 point zone. They blocked us from escaping and we were confined to the area of the 10 point zone. When we tried to push against them, they pushed us back. We wasted one minute on trying to get out and lost the match 74 - 48.

Is this match affecting and result in a DQ when looking at <SG4> and <SG10>?
(It was ruled as “exaggerated blocking” and not match affecting. The opposing alliance got a warning.)

Would you have had the potential to score 28 more points had they not trapped you?

Yes, definitely.

Then the offense should have been considered match affecting. Both pinning ans trapping are very illegal and punishable offenses (im not an official moderator or anything, its just one of my jobs on my team to know the rules well)

aw that stinks. that is definetely match affecting too.

Yeah… can’t argue with the judges though :confused:

my question is how can a ref know that little about the rules

It is disputing a call with the referee - you are allowed to do that within two matches. Bring the rules with you and cite the specific infractions you think needed to be considered. Use the definitions in the game manual to defend your position.

Judges are not the referees - they are there to evaluate teams for the judged awards - Excellence, Design …

My team was on the alliance against this team and what he is saying is only partly true. Our alliance partner did drive into the 5 point zone to try to block their team from getting out , but after realizing that we were trapping/pinning, they immediately tried to back out. As they were trying to back out, 12345 backed into them, stalling their wheelbase and pinning them against the stationary goal. So they couldnt get out.

I think the refs were right, we tried to back out as soon as we can and this entire thing happened only because the other alliance kept pushing my partner, burning him out. He DID NOT push you guys, he couldn’t, because he went into the 5 point zone sideways, all he was trying to do was get out. Dont be salty and blame the entire match on him, you wouldnt have won anyways