Tray back

I need an idea for the back of the tray that many teams put plastic on. We don’t have plastic sheets to do that so are there any other alternatives? Also, our arm is too far inside our robot to
get/put down cubes so what should we do?

Zip ties


Yes, most teams are switching to using zip-ties instead of plastic now. If you need help with the arm you should post pictures.

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Zip ties are a better alternative to plastic anyways. They have less friction and less weight.

China Match video


Check out that epic zip tie work.

Totally agree with that.

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But we don’t have holes on the sides to tie the zip ties to

Huh? Are you not using L-channel or c-channel or something similar? You should be able to put the zip ties through those holes.


No on the sides are the rails for the tray to goup

Hmm. Interesting. That makes things significantly harder. I am not really sure off the top of my programmer head what you could use. Maybe someone else has some suggestions?

If you did turning point just use the flags. They’re legal.

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This is the proper way to mount zipties, right?


you don’t even know how to vex. ZIPTIES ARE THE BACKBONE TO ANY GOOD ROBOT


They strap stuff together… Do you not know? They are god

and our team uses flags for the back of our tray


wouldnt that fall out like that?

It’s crimped on the other end with a ziptie

no we drilled holes and screwed it on

We tried mesh out, it got the job done.

Thats… one way. The other common way is to get thicc zipties and put them through the bottom of the tray and secure it with another zip tie head. bad pic but you can get the idea. zipties


That was a temporary thing, just seeing if I set them in place, if that would work.