Tray extender slide

Hi. I am trying to create a slider as my fourth tray extension but have had issues with friction and stability. is there anyone willing to share a design or just general tips for building one. I have the tray with c channel walls and the slider only has to hold 2 more cubes. thank you


I don’t know any design tips, but I have seen fellow teams do this and they have the same issue. It may be because of the angle that your tray is at. My advice would be to do a flip out, and if you don’t have space I wouldn’t do it because it just adds more weight to your robot.

There are several ways to do this, the best way is to use an Half-Channel And have that slide on the inside of the C-Channel. There are other methods involving standoffs, plastic and zipties but the former is easiest

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I would recommend another flip out but is you watch there are a lot of good ones.

just a quick question: what is a half channel? Is it the c channel couplers?

I think he is referring to the 1x1 L’s.

Here are some pictures of our version of that:
slide 3 slide 2 slide1


okay thanks everyone. I decided to do another flip using the string and lexan

For a extending tray would it be better to use a rail system or copy the one above in the chat?

You shouldn’t just blindly copy a design; The pictures I showed all have flaws and could be improved. That being said, you probably don’t want to use slide rails since they are heavier.


I’m just trying to find a basic way to make an extending tray without having to use a flipping mechanism