Tray fitting in the size limit

Ok, so I have everything else working, but the tray doesn’t fit in 18x18x18 at the start of the match. 20191012_182047 20191012_182101

And? What do you want us to do about it? Assuming you want us to offer potential solutions, I’d maybe start by making your arms fold the other way, and if that doesn’t work then make the 2nd stage of the tray shorter.


Sorry. Yes I’m looking for ideas. I cannot have my rollers flip the other way. That doesn’t work for me, through weeks of trying, I swapped. The end stage shorter would mean adding a 3rd stage for roughly 7 cubes. Right now, it can hold 7, but it cant flip out bc the 18" rule

A possible solution that i can think of is to make it so the rollers fold out to the side instead of folding up so there is more space for the tray to fold down. Making the 2nd stage of the tray shorter would also help.

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That is literally what I suggested first and the post above yours says would not work.

Honestly, you should have thought this out earlier. You’ll probably have to readjust a lot of things to make it work now.
I do like the battery placement, I’ll probably do something like that

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ok if you are trying to make you tray fit in size I would recommend making the 2 nd or first trays smaller or just move the rollers so it can fold further down

That is smart. Moving the rollers would allow the tray to fold in more and shortening the tray would make it less out of size.

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uhh haha, I didnt mount it…

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Good because if you did the referees could force you to take off your polycarbonate for being to thicccc

A way you could make it work is maybe make the tray fold backwards over the back of the robot

Thing about that is - my length is tight.

You could try and make it so that it stays within the 5 wide c channels in the rear.
Also tip: make your chassis 1 inch or so smaller than the size limit so you can add stuff later on. You never know!
(I took this to the extreme and smushed my chassis into a 12 inch by 16 inch recdongle)
But since you have a chassis, just keep it that way. You might have to design a special hunge for your purposes

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I had it small… robotics happened. lol. I’m thinking of making a 3x smaller tray. 8 cubes max (9 with extending 4th stage). This might work.


Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they say.
I’m interested to see what you come up with, because I honestly dont know what to do here other than completely redo the intake(which you dont want)
Maybe you’ll make a groundbreaking custom hinge!

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It’s probably just going to be a nylock hinge plus smaller trays lol.

yeah you might have to break it up. I’d consider using a shorter chassis and mounting your arms behind the back part so that your tray can lean as far back as possible.

just put the 2nd stage under the rollers

his motors are too tight.

then have it go under the motors