Tray flip out

So for flip out simplicity and to save space, I made it so that my tray flips backwards but I can’t figure out how to position rubber bands so my tray doesn’t bend. Does anybody have any ideas?image image

If you can, I would strongly recommend flipping out from the front. Back flipping is difficult and will most likely lead to bending regardless of how you do it.


That’s what I’ve realised so far. I’m just experimenting and it doesn’t take long to switch back to the front

If you lock your tray (locking mech on stages), then that will work. But I highly encourage you to flip out from the front as the weight of the cubes in the 2nd stage will cause it to fold back.

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I’ve seen reverse flips work, you just need to use a lock to make it stay. youtube vex locking mechanisms, should get you some good ones.

normal flipouts seem to be better though, as gravity is on your side with keeping the tray down.

If you have access to pulleys You should put them on the joint screws. Then you could wrap the rubber bands around the pulley.

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