Tray folding and release functions

How has everyone been folding their trays with multi stage flip outs? We have had problems condensing it to stay in size. Also, how have you been triggering it at the beginning of the match?

my tray is held in by the rollers and the third stage’s end is held by screws on the tip of the tray.

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When your tray folds out, the bot turns. Is that from you moving it, or did the tray recoil turn it?

That was a result of the tray recoil.

(If you watch the front wheels, you can see that they stay stationary, so the robot wasn’t being driven.)

Its hard to explain without a video, but I’ll do my best. For the compression to keep the tray down at the start of a match, use some sort of standoff or similar at the bottom of the tray (or wherever you can keep the tray down easiest with you finger,) and attach it onto the arm (or similar moving mechanism) so that it moves off of the tray when that arm moves. Yeah, I know, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about because I’m doing a bad job explaining it. But work with me, the idea is that its something that prevents the tray from moving until a certain mechanism moves. This will be different on every robot, so that’s why its tricky to explain. Hope this helps.

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