Tray lift roller intake arms are super wobbly

Our tray lift roller intake arms are really wobbly, and they spread out too much, which makes it really hard to suck up cubes. Any suggestions on how to make it stiffer?

Edit: sorry, here are the images.
IMG_2492 IMG_2491

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Pictures please! Give us pictures!

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we need pictures, but I would suggest boxing the arms (putting a c-channel across them) or putting an x-brace across the arms.


I would put a 1x5 c-channel brace rather than an x brace.

Also yes pictures

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Looks like you don’t have any bearings, try adding that and see the results

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Add them where?
20 char

put bearing flats on each axle that is working with the arm lift mechanism

Bearings are your friends

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  1. as others suggested, add bearing flat to wherever the shafts go through the c-channel.
  2. use spacers instead of green inserts.
  3. use simple gear set, you can use 12-teeth metal pinion with 84-teeth gear.
  4. box your arms with another c-channels
  5. not use L-channel to connect the intakes and arms. get something stronger
  6. X or H brace your arms, i.e. c-channel connect your two arms
  7. triangle support your towers

boxing your arms is a great idea. it provides stability to your arm so it can lift up in sync. It makes taking in the cubes much easier


We can’t box them, or add triangle supports because they have to move up and down. The boxing won’t work because we have to add clearance for the cubes to come off the tray. Also, the reason we used the 36 and 12 and 36 and 12 combo is because we don’t have enough space for the 84 tooth gear. Changing the inserts to bearings could work… Will update

Yes, you can box your arms. If you think that your arms can not move up and down after boxing, then I did not myself clear.

Yes, you can add triangle support to the TOWERs (not the arms). If you think that your arms can not move up and down after triangle support, then I did not myself clear.

I did not see how you do not have space for the 84-T gear. Maybe I am wrong here.

Let me know if you have update.


^ I have seen a boxed arm where the boxed part moves the tray. It worked fine.

could you elaborate?

the 84t goes too far back. I see what boxing is, now, didn’t see the picture, but I don’t see how it helps, because the arms are going too wide out. We built the intakes further in, but is still not working as well as we like.

Boxing the arms will prevent flexing and twisting if the arms. Put a c-channel across the arms to connect them and prevent them from spreading out. You also need to gear something stronger for the arms, and use bearing flats wherever there is a shaft. For your arms, you may wish to use screws for a stronger joint.
Edit: on your arm joints, secure the bearings with screws, and locknuts (nylocks), not rivets.

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Ok, so we fixed the problem by triagulating the lift support. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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